The range of Low Height Ceiling Units have been designed where space is at a premium.The low height of 380mm makes the units especially suited for mounting inside suspended ceilings. Our Product Range
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Bespoke Heat Recovery Units
• Bespoke Air Handling Units
• Fully Packaged Air Handling Units
• Low Height Air Handling Units
• Recuperator Air Handling Units
• Twin Fan Air Handling Units
• Refrigeration Units
• Control Panels

Panels will be double skinned as standard with high-density insulation thus reducing the amount of noise breakout. The inner skins will be formed from galvanised sheet steel with the outer skins from pre-painted steel Depending on the volume and external resistance the fans will be either direct driven or belt driven. Both options will have forward curved impellors. Fan casings will be formed from high quality galvanised sheet steel and will be statically and dynamically balanced.To avoid transmission of vibration to the unit casing, the fan and motor assembly will be mounted on rubber anti vibration mounts and the fan discharge connection will have a fire retardant flexible connection.

Fan motors will be pre-wired to externally mounted terminal boxes or isolators. Access for maintenance is from the underside to the fan and filter sections with either hinged or lift off panels to suit the location. All standard components can be incorporated.

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